Terms of Service

This document will help cover our terms of service & what you can expect from us at Titan Terrain Studio when you get a project commissioned. Before a project deposit can be collected you must agree to this TOS & it is a binding contract.


Custom Terrain Sets, Objective Markers &  Display Boards

All our custom terrain work is made by hand using various materials. We build 100% purely original sets of tabletop wargaming terrain, for you the client. We can duplicate certain styles of terrain that we have done or that you wish duplicated, but they will never be identical to the reference material. We do our best to match them but can not guarantee a perfect match. These sets are pieces of artwork used by you, our client, in your games & can not be held to the standard of another artist as such.

Terrain Density & Number of Pieces

Every terrain set is uniquely different with varied levels of sizes per piece, as well as number of pieces in any given set. Most sets number at least between 6-12 pieces for a table, but commonly can go into much larger numbers depending on the clients requests & the game being played. A table for warhammer fantasy or kings of war may be 6-8 pieces, while a table for infinity will be at least 20+ pieces.

Display Boards
Display boards are normally sized at 2 ft by 3 ft long, but can be built smaller or bigger by request. WARNING - These projects are huge. So understand that you will be paying for the actual shipping & it will proably be a bit more expensive to ship then other projects, due to having to create custom boxes that will withstand the shipping as well as USPS balloon rates.


Assembly of Miniatures
We offer reasonable prices for assembly, & attention to detail. With assembly we make sure all parts of the model are cleaned of mold lines before being assembled. We use high quality modeling glue to make sure the bond is as strong as possible.

Pinning & magnetization are optional for an extra charge, priced on a case by case basis. Customization of models is charged on a case by case basis. If you want custom work done, let us know in your email.


For models that you send in to be painted that are preassembled, we will do our best to clean all the visual mold lines off them, but please understand some models are difficult to clean after assembly & may incur extra charges or be impossible to get to some spots. This is on a case by case basis depending on the model. We cannot guarantee structural integrity on preassembled models, as the materials & techniques will not match ours. We also require decent pictures of detail on preassembled models before we will accept the commission. We reserve the right to decline a project based on the quality of the models. If the models are not salvageable we can contact you to have you order replacement models.


While we do not require assembly to be done by us, we do require a certain minimum quality of assembly & cleaning to be done to the models. Upon receiving them if we deem the models will require substantial cleaning or modification to meet quality standards, we will inform you the client. Models that require cleaning/assembly work will be billed to you with a separate deposit if not included in the original project budget.


Should a client send us models that are not to quality in assembly & cleaning, & then does not wish to pay for the additional cleaning they will be responsible for paying for shipping to return the models and/or new models for us to work on the project. Deposits for a project where the client refuses to send in models that meet quality control are non refundable even if the client changes his mind about pursuing the project.


Painting of Miniatures

Our painting services pricing is based on complexity of the model & size. Only one level of quality is offered, which is our highest quality work.  We will do our best to match a clients specifications for his project, but can not guarantee that a paint job will match its source material 100%. We do allow for minor changes as we will always produce a test model first & seek the clients confirmation before applying it to the whole project.

Quotes & Project Deposits

All our projects start with quotes via email. You, the client, email us with either a project idea for one of our services. To contact us you would simply send an email to titanterrainstudio@gmai.com & we would discuss with you any relevant details about what your wanting to get with us.

Project quotes are split into two types. Simple & complex quotes. Simple quotes are ones that take little time for us to work out with you, while complex quotes require time & research for us to figure out how best to accomplish your project. Simple quotes are free, but complex quotes require a $50 non refundable research fee that goes into the planning of the project. This fee is required no matter if you get the project or not.


Examples of these two are as follows.

Simple Quote - You request a 2000 point ultramarine army painted to codex paint scheme & supply a list of models. There are no conversions necessary & it's fairly easy to price this up & get back to you. On the terrain side of this, sending us photos of sets you like for reference and/or giving us artistic license to cut loose usually ends up in a simple quote.

Complex Quote - You request a fully customized ultramarine army with intense conversion work throughout all pieces, & multiple paint schemes across the army to represent numerous thematic or inspirational pieces.  On the terrain side of this, you request a full table that is a replica of a major historical or game instance with very specific requests & requirements, such as Istavann 3 from 40k, or stalingrad from world war 2.


Commonly most projects fall into the simple quote & can be identified fairly quickly as such, but complex quotes do come along & this fee is to cover the hours we spend researching it. Once our email correspondence with you gets to the point where we have given you a quote on how much the project will be, you would decide whether to commission the project or not.


Once you have established a quote with us, we would then ask you whether you wish to put a 50% deposit down. We will send you an invoice for that amount, followed by a 2nd invoice later on once the project is completed for the remaining 50%. Deposits are non refundable in the event that the client changes their mind about the project.


We only take active deposits on 3 projects at a time, so if we do not have a project slot available, you will be placed on a waiting list & be contacted when we are ready to accept your deposit. Since we work on projects in order, this gives wait list clients time to respond. We also email all wait list clients when projects move up, to let them know where they stand in line. Should a client not me ready to deposit due to unforeseen circumstances they are simply bumped behind the next ready person in line that deposits first. This system is to keep our clients happy, as well as to keep our workload as tight & efficient as possible.

Ordering Models

We also offer 20% off retail on models ordered through us for a project, & it also saves you having to ship models to us. Project availability may vary depending on our suppliers. Mention our discount when you get a quote & we can check availability on the models you need for your project!

Sales Tax

State law mandates that we must charge a sales tax on our products sold to customers in the state of utah, but not products shipped outside of utah or for our custom services. Sales tax for us is 6.75% of the product cost.

Shipping Costs

We do not cover the cost of shipping, as projects vary widely in shape/size & the distance they must travel. Clients must pay the actual shipping costs for the project. This is sent to you in your final billing invoice, when the project is completed & ready to ship.

We also purchase shipping insurance for your project, as we are not held responsible for any damages that may be incurred while the package is in transit. We make sure to pack our projects very well to avoid this, but once the boxes leave our studio we are absolved of all responsibilities.

There is also a $15 handling fee on all projects to cover our time packing & dropping them off to ship.

Final Instructions

Once you have deposited or paid in full for your project, you will receive a document containing instructions for you to fill out for your project. Attached will be any relevant information from your quote, & any details worked out during that time. Once you have filled out the instructions sheet & sent it back to us, your project is ready to be worked on.

Project Turnaround & Deadlines

We have a project pipeline we operate on, in which projects are done according to the order they were paid/deposited. We limit ourselves to only 3 active projects with deposits at any one time, to keep from getting backed up with long waits & making clients unhappy. Our normal project turn around is between 4-8 weeks, though at especially busy times due to us being a small studio, our turnaround time can increase as much as 8 – 12 weeks.

Also as much as we will try to meet a requested deadline, we cannot guarantee deadlines on projects. With artwork this detail oriented, delays can & will happen at times, but we will do our best to meet them. Small note to this, if we tell you we have a heavy workload on us & you need your project for an event of some sort, we will advise you if a deadline is likely to be meet or not.

Abandoned Projects

Once you have received your invoice for your completed project, you have 30 days to make any final payments for it. If you do not pay for the project total in that 30 days, we will consider the project & your deposit abandoned, & have all rights to do with it as we wish to regain our lost profits from it.

We do understand that life can be complicated sometimes when it comes to the final payment on your project, & are willing to work with people to avoid this. Communication is KEY to keeping your project from being labeled abandoned, as we really hate seeing people not get the cool worlds we build. If we don't hear from you at all in the allotted time we have to assume the worst & at the end of the day we are a business with bills & expenses, so we do have to have this policy for when a project is simply abandoned.


Material Costs

Part of the reason we have a deposit is to cover the costs of materials we have to purchase for your project. It happens pretty often we have to pick up a certain item or material to include in your project, because we think it will help add to it & we may not keep it on hand that much. All the costs for your projects supplies are covered in your deposit.

Once your project comes up in the list we will start sending you end of day emails when any progress is made on your project. During the assembly phase of your project, we may also take quick snap shots & videos of “Work In Progresss” to show on our relevant social media accounts(facebook, twitter, youtube)

Once your project is completely assembled, we move onto painting according to your specifications. Once painting is completed, the project moves onto our digital department for photography & video.

Digital Photography & Video

Once a project is completed, it will be photographed & sent to you via email for final approval. Once you review the project & have deemed the result acceptable, we will move it to final photography for our portfolio. If there are minor changes you wish to make, or touch ups to errors, we can do that before labeling the project finished.

We also routinely film video updates of our projects, as well as film live battle reports for games using them, unless the client specifically requests that he does not want his project used in a battle report. We always film video updates of projects though, for our records as well as promotional reasons.

Communications During Projects

At any time while waiting for your project, you are able to communicate with us anytime. We will also do our best to let you know where your project is in the pipeline, as well as contacting you with any questions or concerns with the project while working on it.

We also send out end of day emails on projects we are currently working on to show progress & get input from the client.


We do not guarantee the use of certain model bits in your project. Bits amounts vary according to what we can acquire. We can use some of your project budget to purchase them if the cost is within your budget, or you can mail them into us if you have them on hand. To mail those bitz in, simply send them to the following address

Titan Terrain Studio

930 w 600 s

Provo Utah 84601

Matching Existing Projects

We do our best to match existing terrain designs & model paint schemes. The more reference material(pictures, links, etc) you can give us the better. This is not a guarantee that it will turn out identical, but that it will be as close as possible.

Magnet Disclaimer

Sometimes we use magnets in our terrain pieces. These are purchased from another company & follows their warning below.


These are very powerful and could be dangerous if not handled with proper care. Do not bring within 12 inches of any magnetic based storage devices such as desktop or laptop computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, or credit cards. Keep away from computer monitors, VCRs and TVs. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker please ask your doctor about possible risks before purchasing. Do not let these magnets snap together with their full force or they will break and quite possibly send small pieces of metal flying in all directions. Do not attempt to machine or drill these magnets– high temperatures during these processes could cause the magnets to ignite releasing toxic fumes. Do not heat the magnets to above 175F (80C) as this will cause them to lose all of their magnetic properties. It is advisable to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling these magnets. Large magnets can pinch very hard. Do not allow magnets to come together fast or between your skin as they can draw blood, or possibly even break bones. Do not swallow the magnets or attached parts. Keep away from children and pets.