Trade In Models For Credit

Posted by TitanMatt on June 11, 2018

I accept trade of model kits for credit from time to time. Here is a short summary of what my rules for trade ins are & what sort of stuff I'm looking for.  

Credit applies only to  project labor, so if you have enough credit built up with us to cover an entire project you would still have to cover the cost of supplies & shipping for it. In most cases I dont sweat the supplies unless it requires something like large amounts of resin or something I dont keep readily on hand. Anyone wishing to trade in models have to cover the cost of shipping them to me. 

The amount of credit will vary between 40-70% of MSRP, based on the condition of the models. New in box stuff gets the highest credit percentage, while assembled with primer or paint on them gets the lowest, as I will likely have to do additional work then if they where new.  

This system lets you offload some stuff you dont want or need, & lets me get new models for content production in our battle reports. 

Current List of Models I'm Interested in for trade ins is as follows. 

Age of sigmar  

  • Order Alliance 
  • Sylvaneth
  • Stormcast Eternals
  •  Kharudan Overlords
  • Any Dwarf Models
  • Chaos Alliance
  •  Pretty much anything except warriors of chaos & clan rats from island of blood. 


Warhammer 40k

  •  Necrons
  •  Doom/Night Scythes
  •  Triarch Stalkers
  •  Triarch Praetorians
  •  Deathmarks
  •  Immortals 
  •  Chaos Space Marines
  •  Rhinos, Land Raiders & Any vehicles mostly
  •  Finecast OOP Blood Thirsters
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