Arcane Factories Casting Update 7

Posted by TitanMatt on August 23, 2016

I seem to have all the luck, the bad luck particularly, with this proejct. Sorry for the lack of an update in forever. but I took extremely ill at the begining of july with a severe infection in my lungs that sent me in & out of the hospital. I'm back to functional now, but I lost about a month & a half of time to the crud that grabbed hold of my lungs. Breathing is a very important part of getting any project done, so I'm very happy to be capable of that without problems again. :)


So onto the update! We have completed all the molds for the casting now, & am just fine tuning all the venting for them to make sure we catch any air bubbles. I'm also adjusting the size of the resovoir on the molds so that we can make sure to get as much material as possible in there, as that helps fill all the details crisply. I added slot pieces to the feet of many of the models, which where incorporated into the molds as well.

I also have added a new pigment liquid that we mix into the resin, so the casts all come out a nice smooth uniform grey, showing off details, rather then the bright white they where. I'm working really hard now to get us back on track, & once again I do apologize for the delays in updates. Being in & out of the hospital was quite a miserable experience for me, & I would much rather have been working & casting models then having to go through that ordeal.

Bit of a short update, as we are just now going to be doing mass production casting from here in. But here are plenty of photos for you all to check out of the various models! Keep in mind many of these are test casts that I'm using to locate venting points.






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