— June 11, 2018

Where the Hell Was Matt?! Return from Hiatus!

I'm back from 2 years of radio silence, & this post goes into what happened.

— August 23, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update 7

Back from near death! Another Casting update!

— July 5, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update 6

Our latest update as we continue production of the Arcane Factories Kickstarter!

— June 21, 2016

HD Level Project - Guild Ball Brewers

Let me tell you about the time of drinkings & kicking balls around a field!!

— June 20, 2016

Army Showcase - Bushido Prefecture of Ryu

We did a small starter box paint job over the weeknd on this bushido faction for a local client. HD level & inspired by Legend…

— June 18, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update 5

More progress on the casting front!

— May 30, 2016

HD Level Project - Gemini Grey Knights

We go over a recently completed project, the gemini grey knights.

— May 2, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update 4

Our new pressure pots are up & running now, read for more details.

— April 18, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update #3

A short update this week, going over retooling the pressure pot.

— April 11, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting Update # 2

Our second update on the resin casting testing & set up.

— April 4, 2016

Arcane Factories Casting

I go over our new casting room & the production of Arcane Factories kickstarter miniatures.

— February 15, 2016

Desert Astral Militarum

— February 8, 2016

Army Showcase - Adeptus Mechanicus

More additions to lathes Adeptius Mechanicus army. Check it out!

— February 1, 2016

Army Showcase - Megatron Tau

A newly completed tau empire army, themed around the evil leader of the deceptions. Megatron!!

— December 8, 2015

Legendary Winter 2015 Terrain Sale!!

Check out the awesome sale we have going on through December of 2015!

— November 17, 2015

Army Showcase - Grey Knights Adeptus Mechanicus

Check out this cool miniature painting showcase, Lathe's personal 40k army. Lathe is one of our new artist & did a top notch job…

— July 3, 2015

Miniature Painting Service Launch

Something I have been working at lately to launch is our new assembly & painting services for tabletop miniatures. I go into…

— March 24, 2015

The New Refer A Friend Credit Program

This post goes into our new refer a friend credit program

— March 13, 2015

State of the Studio

A short update on some rapid changes occurring at the studio

— July 31, 2014

Dreams Of The Titans

This is an article series I will be starting soon that will be blog exclusive. Dreams of the Titans will be an exploration of…

— July 22, 2014

WIP Help For Heroes Objective Marker Set

A short video showing progress on the help for heroes charity objective marker set. IDICBeer's Channel…

— July 20, 2014

Titans of Terrain Live Show: Ork Dakka Defense Line

Me & Rhen hang out & build an Ork Dakka Defense line for mason at blue table painting. Hilarity ensues.

— July 20, 2014

Terrainaholic Challenge: $15 Thrift Haul

Just like I said I would on last sundays Terrain Incorporated show, I went out & decided to test my luck at the local thrift…

— July 19, 2014

Completed Infinity TME Plast Craft Set

Our completed plast craft set of terrain for Infinity.

— July 13, 2014

Terrain Inc: July Hangout

Terrain Incorporated is a bunch of youtube terrain crafters who like to get together each month to talk shop with each other &…

— July 6, 2014

Titans of Terrain: Plast Craft Episode

Working on the plast craft set while chatting with people about all things wargaming.

— June 22, 2014

Terrain Inc: June Hangout

The first of our monthly WGC Live Show, Terrain Incorporated.

— June 15, 2014

Titans of Terrain Live Show - Titans Assemble!!

Our second episode of our sunday night live show, titans of terrain. In this one me & arawn from Titan Miniature Painting over…

— June 10, 2014

Lizardmen Display Board & Shake Table

A video on a lizardman Display Board we completed over the late winter for a client's army, as well as showing our new shake…

— June 8, 2014

Titans of Terrain Live Show - First Episode

The first episode of our sunday night live show, the Titans of Terrain.

— June 2, 2014

The Greyskull Fitness Challenge

The greyskull fitness challenge is a 4 month fitness challenge to the wargaming community. At the end of the challenge, we will…

— May 31, 2014

Project Completion - Rivendell High Elves Set

The completed Rivendell Inspired High Elves Set video. Check our photo gallery for high resolution pictures.

— May 17, 2014

Infinity Spotlight - Tohaa Neema Satar & Kamael Light Infantry

A preview of the new Infinity Tohaa model Neema Satar, along with a pack of Kamael Infantry.

— May 14, 2014

Game Table Refit, Workbences & Airbrushing Rivendell

Just finished building our new workbenches & refitted out game table. Chilling Wargamers Channel…

— April 29, 2014

Plast Craft TME Supplemental Balconies Tutorial

In this tutorial video I show how to assembly the TME Supplemental Balconies terrain kit made by Plast Craft Games

— April 29, 2014

Plast Craft TME Double Module Tutorial

In this tutorial video I show how to assembly the TME Double Module terrain kit made by Plast Craft Games

— April 21, 2014

Basic Level Special & Manor House Update

Further work on the rivendell manor house as the structure comes together.

— April 19, 2014

New Home Studio & Minor Updates

Update on the studio since we moved to our new location.

— April 7, 2014

Rivendell Manor House Base Work & Other Stuff

Plans & base work for the manor house.

— March 31, 2014

Studio Update - Tons of Stuff Going O

A short update showing off various things. The TME plast craft set, tabletop towns fold up terrain & the emperors children…

— March 24, 2014

Short Rivendell Update

More work on the wizards tower.

— March 17, 2014

Rivendell Update & Tesla Cannon For Sale

An update on the rivendell set, with the monolithic kings piece complete, & the start of the wizards tower.

— March 3, 2014

Studio Update - Rivendell High Elves Assembly

An update on the Rivendell set, with the start of the monolithic kings piece.

— March 2, 2014

Infinity League Match 4 - Aleph vs Tohaa

My 4th infinity match in the league, against my eternal nemesis Jro!!

— February 27, 2014

Studio Army Spotlight - Infinity Tohaa

We just finished painting up all of our Tohaa faction models for Infinity, & decided to show them off to you guys in this little…

— February 22, 2014

Short Studio Update - Emperors Children Piece

Short studio update featuring an infinity game on the infested winter city, the emperors children piece & the rivendell hills

— February 20, 2014

Warhammer 40k Battle Report - 2k Infested Winter City

With the Infested Winter City complete me & my eteranl nemesis Jro do battle in a game of warhammer 40k!

— February 17, 2014

Studio Update - High Elf Rivendell Set

The first update on our next project, the Rivendell inspired High Elf fantasy set!!

— February 15, 2014

Infinity League Match 3 - Josh Vs Matt

Just another short update match following my journey of learning infinity.

— February 15, 2014

Free Level Bump Special

From now till march 1st 2014, any client who pays for his project 100% up front will receive a free level bump to his project.…